American Shorthair Cat

The American Shorthair was developed from native American working cats. American Shorthairs are true working cats: stocky, muscular, and powerful in build. The breed was originally called the "Shorthair", then "Domestic Shorthair", and later, in 1965, the "American Shorthair". Today, the term "domestic shorthair" is used to describe cats of unknown parentage or origin, and American Shorthair is the title given to the true pedigreed variety. They were among the first breeds recognized in the United States; 71 "Shorthair" cats and kittens were displayed at the very first U.S. cat show in 1895.

American Shorthair Breed Rescue

Northern California Shorthair Rescue - Foster and Placement Catchment area: Northern California Phone: (415) 398-3000 Email: Central California Purebred Rescue Catchment area: Central California Contact Name: Sunni Email: Catchment area: Central California — Nancy Email: Purebred Cat Breed Rescue - Helping breed rescue efforts across the nation! Catchment area: National Website: Contact: Linda Pollack Mercer, MD, Coordinator Email: Toll Free Phone (Emergency only): (888) 303-9454

Friday, April 4, 2008

My American short Hair Cat - This is my cat.

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